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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Macaque Studies Find Potential AIDS Preventative Treatment

Recent studies in monkeys have found that a combination of two drugs already approved for use in humans and present in pharmacies everywhere, appear to help prevent HIV transmission.

The two drugs are known as tenofovir and emtricitabine, appear to prevent transmission if taken prior to exposure. The scientists still don’t know the time frame that the drugs may need to be taken prior to exposure, or if they could be taken after exposure, but the investigation is still in early stages.

The drugs could be given to people at high risk for infection, including women in Africa, at risk of being infected by their HIV positive partners.

Six macaques were treated with the drug combination and exposed for 14 weeks to a combination of the human and monkey AIDS viruses. Not a single one contracted disease. On the other hand, all but one of the monkeys not treated, contracted AIDS.

Even after the drugs were stopped, (as well as the AIDS exposure), the monkeys have remained healthy and tested negative for AIDS. It looks like macaques may be helping scientists to find effective, preventative measures against HIV and AIDS!

posted by Kristina Cook at 8:08 PM  

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Kristina Cook Name: Kristina Cook

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

My name is Kristina Cook and I am a first year DPhil (PhD) student in a mix of Chemistry/Biochemistry and Pharmacology at Oxford University. I am 23 years old. I just moved to Oxford from Washington DC, where I lived for two months as part of the graduate program I am in. Before this I had lived in San Diego, California for five years where I went to San Diego State University for my undergraduate education. In those five years I had the opportunity to further my science education by working for a wonderful small biotech/pharmaceutical company for three years, in the in-vitro pharmacology department. I also worked in an academic lab in synthetic chemistry, for two years. I am now out in Oxford, researching cancer angiogenesis, specifically some of the proteins involved, and looking for potential new ways of treating cancer.

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