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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Why Animal Research is Important AND Needed: A Copy of the Speech I Gave on the February 25th Demonstration

I’m here today to represent students and stand up for what I believe in. We are here to celebrate progress, the pursuit of knowledge and the achievements of medical research that requires animal testing. We are here to support scientists and doctors who are working to save each and every one of us from disease and suffering. We seek to inform the public and are here to encourage rational, open and peaceful debate.

Without research involving animal testing we wouldn’t have insulin to treat diabetes. We wouldn’t have antibiotics for infections, vaccines to prevent disease and surgeries to treat the injured. If this fundamental research is stopped, we won’t find a cure for cancer, a treatment for Parkinson’s disease, a vaccine for AIDS, a therapy for Alzheimer’s and a cure for paralysis. ANY further advances in medicine and human health are absolutely dependent on animal research.

Right here in Oxford, countless medical advances have been made – most have required some level of animal testing. These include the discovery of penicillin, treatments for hemophilia and childhood leukemia, and the development and trials of vaccines for meningitis in children. Oxford has helped contribute to our understanding of heart disease, cancer, bird flu, infectious diseases and numerous other illnesses. And if we are able to continue our research with animals, we can help find cures for these illnesses.

Whether these diseases affect us directly or someone we love, we want to know that researchers across the world are working towards a cure. Unfortunately, there are people who want to stop medical progress and are using a variety of tactics to publicize their message from mild to extreme and life threatening. But I’m here today to show that research will not be STOPPED and that humanity will continue to look for ways to improve the quality of our lives. I, like every reasonable person, am all for the ethical treatment of animals – However I also recognize that in order to treat human suffering and advance medical science, animal testing is a necessity.

We all need to be worried for our future if we don’t stand up and support the people saving lives with their research in animals. We cannot let the advancement of knowledge be halted as it was in Cambridge. Progress and the pursuit of knowledge CANNOT be stopped and WILL NOT be stopped, and the proof of it lies in front of me. Let’s stand up for reason, let’s stand up for our rights, and let’s DEMAND that the Oxford lab be constructed without interference and intimidation.

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About the author

Kristina Cook Name: Kristina Cook

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

My name is Kristina Cook and I am a first year DPhil (PhD) student in a mix of Chemistry/Biochemistry and Pharmacology at Oxford University. I am 23 years old. I just moved to Oxford from Washington DC, where I lived for two months as part of the graduate program I am in. Before this I had lived in San Diego, California for five years where I went to San Diego State University for my undergraduate education. In those five years I had the opportunity to further my science education by working for a wonderful small biotech/pharmaceutical company for three years, in the in-vitro pharmacology department. I also worked in an academic lab in synthetic chemistry, for two years. I am now out in Oxford, researching cancer angiogenesis, specifically some of the proteins involved, and looking for potential new ways of treating cancer.

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