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May 13, 2006

GSK update

In a further reflection of the way the public climate around animal testing is rapidly shifting, seven major investment companies have spoken out publicly against the extremists threatening GlaxoSmithKline shareholders, declaring they will not be intimidated and vowing to maintain their investments in GSK. In a letter to the Financial Times, ABP Investments, the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme, F C Asset Management, Hermes Investment Management, the Public Sector Superannuation Fund, and the Wellcome Trust pledge to "stand firm alongside the small shareholders" in support of "lawful research to the benefit of society". They continue: "Our funds represent millions of individual beneficial corporate owners who may benefit from the results of such research both directly and indirectly."

The difference between today and 2004 - when HLS were forced off the New York Stock Exchange and were almost bankrupted when major investors (which included the Labour Party!) dumped their shares in panic - is again very striking. Pro-Test is delighted that as the scientific and moral arguments for animal testing are being aired more forcefully to counter the irrational arguments of 'animal rights' campaigners, public opinion is becoming increasingly supportive, to the extent that individuals and institutions are proud to declare their connections to this crucial form of research. The more people stand up together, the more ridiculous groups like CAHALS look in claiming that they will be able to intimidate everyone to give up their stake in animal research.


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