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May 10, 2006

New College JCR Stands up for Science

Students at New College, Oxford, have stood up for science by endorsing the construction of the University's new animal research laboratory. The College's Junior Common Room passed a motion drafted and sponsored by Pro-Test members, noting the rise of 'animal rights' extremism and the dangerous domination of the animal testing debate by an unrepresentative minority, and calling for the completion of the lab as a crucial method of advancing medical science (see the draft motion here). Last term, the JCR of Jesus College, Oxford, also passed a motion condemning the extremism of those opposed to the lab.

This term, Pro-Test is aiming to get every Oxford College's JCRs, MCRs and SCRs to pass motions in support of the lab - for science, for medical progress, for academic freedom - to show their support for this vital project. The tactics of violence and irrational arguments only work when the proponents of animal research (over 76% of the general public according to a 2003 poll and 85% of Oxford students recently surveyed) allow themselves to be intimidated and shouted down. To show the strength and depth of support for animal research, we are encouraging everyone to stand up for science. The People's Petition, recently launched by the Coalition for Medical Progress, is a good step forward, but its anonymous nature still implies people might be ashamed to defend this vital research. Pro-Test believes that scientists should be proud of the work they do, that they deserve our vocal support, and that we can recall our strength in numbers by speaking out together (see here for more).

To get involved, contact Chris Bickerton about motions in JCRs and MCRs, and Jim Panton about motions in SCRs. We are happy to liaise with you and send speakers to explain the issues to your groups.

We are Pro-Test... are you?

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