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May 10, 2006

Pro-Test Takes on SPEAK in Isis debate

Two Pro-Test members went head-to-head with two 'animal rights' activists in a debate on 5 May organised by the student magazine, Isis.

Representing SPEAK, the main group opposed to the building of Oxford's animal lab, was its founder, Mel Broughton. Broughton was convicted of conspiracy to commit arson in 1998 and jailed for four years, and is (along with others) the subject of a court injunction taken out by Oxford University. Kathy Archibald from Europeans for Medical Progress spoke alongside Mr Broughton (you can read more about her disingenuity here).

Representing Pro-Test was its 16-year-old founder, Laurie Pycroft, and Prof Tipu Aziz, Oxford neurosurgeon and scientific advisor to the Pro-Test committee.

The debate was another success for Pro-Test, and on the back of the Oxford Union debate will further gather support among students and academics for the vital work to be carried out at the Oxford lab. It also marks another departure for SPEAK: having initially dismissed Pro-Test's campaign as "media rubbish", suggesting Pro-Test's march did not outnumber SPEAK's on 25 February and claiming that Pro-Test was a flash in the pan, SPEAK now appears to recognise that Pro-Test is here to stay and must, of necessity, be engaged with. Unfortunately for them, this marks the beginning of the end, since in any rational debate, they are doomed to lose.

Coverage: BBC; BBC 10 O'Clock News; Radio 4's 'The World Tonight'.

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