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May 14, 2006

See you on 3 June, Tony?

Writing in today's Daily Telegraph, Tony Blair has spoken out in support of animal testing, saying "There is no alternative for the foreseeable future to using animals if we are to see the full benefits of scientific advances", and pledging to sign the People's Petition. He also welcomes the "changed climate" around animal testing and the Pro-Test movement, noting it is holding another march and "deserves support".

Blair's public stand is of course a step in the right direction. He makes many of the right arguments in support of the science behind vivisection - that no credible alternatives exist and that without it medical progress would effectively grind to a halt - but much of the article is concerned with criminal and extremist acts. We would like to see more on the science rather than simple condemnations of extremism.

The only policy announcements in the statement relate to the Companies Act, which Blair intends to amend to secure greater director and shareholder anonymity for firms. We'd prefer to see Mr Blair and his government join us in our attempt to create a climate where anonymity is no longer required - where people are proud to stand up for science and proud to support animal testing as essential for scient
ific and human progress. Encouraging further anonymity is unlikely to change the mistaken perception that shareholders of firms like GSK or HLS have something to be ashamed of. Pro-Test's publicised purchase of GSK shares demonstrated our faith in the firm's good scientific practices and our refusal to be intimidated by anti-vivisectionists. We would like Mr Blair to join with us in campaigning for an environment where everyone feels able to do this.

So, we're pleased that Mr Blair has finally come out publicly to support a growing movement led by scientists, students and concerned citizens, but signing the petition is just a first step - the arguments still need to be made in favour of science and progress. Since we "deserve support", we'll be lo
oking for more of it in future - starting with our Public Meeting on 22 May, and our next demonstration on 3 June. The Prime Minister has been invited to attend or send his representative to both.

See you on 3 June, Tony?

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