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May 28, 2006

Some recent press

There was an interesting op-ed piece in the Observer last Sunday, arguing that there is no middle way on drug testing: given the current level of scientific knowledge (the lack of genuine alternatives to animal-based research) anti-vivisectionists need to make the argument for testing on humans. On this, we completely agree. Anti-vivisectionists are generally extremely disingenuous, pretending that the alternatives already exist, and rarely admitting what a ban on animal research would mean for humans. Pro-Test seeks to draw them out on this point. At a recent debate at Sheffield University between Pro-Test member Kristina Cook and Jarrod Bailey from Europeans for Medical 'Progress' (full write-up coming soon from an audience member), Kristina pointed out Dr Bailey would prefer to test drugs on members of the audience rather than animals. Bailey responded: "Well, yes I guess I would rather test on members of this audience but, um..."

See also: Prof John Stein of Pro-Test, in the Guardian, and a profile of Pro-Test in the New York publication, Seed Magazine.

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