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Name: Prof Tipu Aziz

Area of Study: Neurosurgery

Why I got involved: Pro-Test believes, as I do, that animal research is essential to medical progress and that scientists should be willing to speak publicly about the work they do.

Role: Scientific Advisor


Name: Kevin Elliot

Area of Work: Computing, particularly software engineering. I have an MBA from the Open University.

Why I got involved: I've seen at first hand how medical technology has helped disabled people live full lives, and that's why I support animal based research. I wanted to make it clear that it is possible to speak out against the violent thuggery coming from some people in the animal rights movement.

Role: Newsletter editor and Student Scientist

Name: Ruth Wilson

Area of Study: Science

Degree I'm working towards: Biological Sciences

Why I got involved: I've just grown up the general idea that drugs and medical procedures are essential. These things have to be tested on animals so therefore, in my opinion, testing on animals for these things must also be essential.

Role: Operations Director

Name: Bexi Raven

Area of Study: Philosophy

Why I got involved: I had always thought that someone should be doing something to support medical research on animals and I knew how important it was to eveyday life, especially for some people, I just didn't realise how strongly I felt until I went to the march in 2008

Role: Web Monkey

Name: Dr. Paul Browne

Area of Study: Model organism research

Why I got involved: I was tired at seeing the half -truths and misinformation of the anti-vivisectionists often go unchallenged, and news reports on medical advances that rarely mention the animal research that underpins them. The situation has improved in recent years but there's still much work to do. I also believe that the medical reseach community can and should do a lot more to support colleagues who are threatened by extremists.

Role: Science writer and advisor.

Name: Robin Burkill

Area of Study: Biology

Why I got involved: I believe in standing up for what you believe in. For too long anti-vivisectionists have been dominating the agenda for animal research so it's time for us to show our support for legitimate and essential studies that will no doubt benefit the lives of millions of people.

Role: Secretary and Student Scientist

Name: Tom Holder

Area of Study: Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)

Why I got involved: After looking at all the evidence I realised that not only did we need animal testing, but that we needed to actively defend it.

Role: Spokesman

Name: Laurie Pycroft

Area of Study: Polymath

Role: Press Appearances

Name: Iain Simpson

Area of Study: Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)

Why I got involved : People need to stand up for medical progress.

Role: Press Officer

Name: Prof John Stein

Area of Study: Neurosurgery, Movement Disorders, Epilepsy

Why I got involved: My research with monkeys has led directly to improvements in treatment for movement disorders and dyslexia.  Pro-Test sstands, as I do, for explaining to the public how important animal research has been and will continue to be for scientific and medical advances.  We also need to be able to show the public how well the animals are looked after at all times.

Role: Scientific advisor

Name: Alison Eden

Area of Work: Medical writer and mother

Why I got involved: Sheer fury at the lack of sense being talked about animal testing in the public domain. I felt shamed into action by the fact that it had taken people young enough to be my children to take a stand on this issue.

Role: Charities and NGOs liaison

Name: Dr David Priestman

Area of Study: Clinical Genetics, Epilepsy

Why I got involved: For far too long, scientists and academics have allowed themselves to be intimidated into keeping quiet about their work as if it's an embarrassing secret. I have been advised not to talk openly about my research since the early 1980s. The time is long overdue for all of us to be proud of what we do and not be afraid to be open and explain the absolute need to use animals in some of our work. I talk about my work all the time and almost everyone is supportive of my use of animals to develop treatments for childhood diseases. It's absurd that a small group of 'animal rights' people have been able to dictate to the majority for so long. I'm tired of their lies. I've never been intimidated and refuse to be so. I really hope that my putting my name and photo in the public domain will encourage more Academics and Research Staff here and elsewhere to do the same.

Role: Academic and Research Staff liaison

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