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One of Pro-Test's objectives is to challenge the climate of fear that surrounds the animal testing issue thanks to the extremist behaviour of groups like the ALF and the intimidating behaviour and abusive behaviour of groups like SPEAK. We believe scientists ought to be proud of their work and be able to communicate its benefits and processes to the general public, so that an informed decision can be made about the issue. Unfortunately, many stakeholders in continued animal testing, such as the government and Oxford University, prefer to keep quiet about the issue and apparently hope anti-vivisectionists will go away or be silenced by court injunctions. We would rather people took a positive step by declaring themselves openly in favour of continued animal testing and the construction of the Oxford lab. Anti-vivisectionists' campaigns of intimidation only work when we allow ourselves to be intimidated; 'keeping our heads down' plays into their hands by allowing them to split off the most afraid and vulnerable among us, gradually eroding the massive - but silent - majority that supports animal testing. It also concedes the vital principle of academic freedom, which Oxford, like all universities, should always strive to uphold.


Now that Pro-test is no longer active we encourage people to get involved with its international sister-organisation Speaking of Research. See the SR website for ways of getting involved.
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